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ESyRider Full & ESyrider Lite

After School Student Rider Management System to Protect Our Children

The ESyRider system improves the old walkie-talkie method of notifying the inside staff of which parent has arrived to pick up their child. Using either Barcode or RFID Technology, the Process is now streamlined. ESyRider knows, which car has arrived, who goes in the car, who the driver is and records the time stamp when the child leaves and many more safety features.

Read More about ESyRider Full | Read More about ESyRider Lite


The Paper Chart Scanning Solution which makes your Patient Billing more Efficient & your Office more Productive.

The burden of a paper chart and an electronic chart, your clinical staff scanning paper documents into an EMR, reduced number of patient call-backs, expensive employees performing mundane job duties are just a few of these many familiar issues.



ESyTrack uses both Barcodes and RFID for complete tracking of your physical document records. Using RFID is the most efficient method for tracking folders. Unlike Barcodes, RFID can be used to FIND records which may be in a drawer or bottom of a stack.



ESyTenant is a subscription based “Facility Complaints and Services Requests Management System” to automate and manage the life-cycle of a tenant service request from issue origination, task assignment, resolution documentation, communication to trend analysis.



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